About Kidmando

Kidmando helps to develop Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) in toddlers and preschoolers.  Children that attend our sessions will build confidence through a programme of varied fun activities and understand team play and spacial awareness with other children of a similar age and agility.


Sunny Singapore Origins

Started in 2016 by founder Eve, Kidmando is based in Singapore and has daily sessions across the island all year round.   There are different age group sessions specialising in the specific needs for kids from the point that they can start walking through to when they are old enough to specialise on more complicated sport activities and skills, generally benefiting ages from 1 yr through to 6 years old.   The Kidmando team actively works with local preschools, clinics and involved in special events to raise awareness about the importance of physcial development and excercise at a young age.

As a mother of three young energetic kids, Eve appreciated there was a need to offer parents a more varied excercise class that challenged kids to try new tasks and have fun with others in their local park or play area.  Many preschools do not have the space or resources to offer kids a full physical eduction to compliment the efforts being made in the classroom.  Having grown up herself playing in the great outdoors of Canada, she wanted to ensure that despite the different and sometimes challenging climate of Singapore, her kids didn’t miss out on the benefits of outdoor play and exercise.

Through researching the benefits of exercise; specifically FMS for child development, Eve started Kidmando to help other kids in Singapore and raise the awareness with parents of the importance of this aspect of child development.   FMS is often not appreciated or widely discussed as some of the academic and classroom based skills but it is as important for so many reasons.

Our team of coaches and support staff are specially selected for their personalties and ability to work with and instruct young kids, all sessions are are run by a coach that is first aid qualified and has prior experience in running classes.

What are Fundamental Movement Skills?

There are three keys areas to the FMS principle that are generally common across all similar programs:

The control of an object through use of body movement. 


Getting from one location or position to another through body movement. 


Controling the stability and balance of the body. 


At Kidmando, we also feel there is one additional set of skills that can be developed through our sessions:

Listening, vision and being aware of the immediate enviroment

The ability to understand, control, apply, correct are all process points that we look to develop but at a level that toddlers and preschoolers can enjoy doing.


Where does the name Kidmando come from?

The colourful and fun character that we base ourselves upon is a 'Kid-friendly' consideration of the four elements of the British Commando Spirit which encapsulates Courage, Determination, Unselfishness and Cheerfulness in the face of adversity.