Terms and Conditions

UPDATED Janurary 2022

Whilst we try and maintain an informal and fun personality for Kidmando, it's important for the safety of all the children and for clarity of responsibility that you read through the Terms below to best understand our services, the terms and conditions, expectations of guardians and policies we have in place.

-We require pre-registration for each class to ensure we can plan for adequate numbers and to inform you should there be any last minute changes to schedule or location of the class.
-An able bodied parent or guardian must accompany children to each class., though their participation is only required for Active Tots classes. 
-Children should wear appropriate attire to the session. We recommend sport shoes and light clothes and trainers.
-Though we aim to keep as shaded as possible, hats are also recommended as well as bug repellent.
-Please make sure you bring lots of water to class as well. It’s hot work being active!
-If weather looks wet, wear clothes and footwear you don't mind getting wet and muddy!

Expired 'credit'
Any sessions purchased prior to January 2022 will have expired. There will be no refund or transfer for expired credits. 

Bad weather. Do we cancel?
Part of our passion for running all outdoor classes is to build resilience in our kids. Rain or shine we do try to go ahead. All of Kidmando classes are outdoors in open spaces around Singapore and our locations do not have covered options in case of rain. So if it rains, we get wet! Classes will go ahead even in the rain as long as condtions are safe. If weather looks to be very heavy or there is lighting risk, we will cancel class and issue you with a class credit to be used for the next term. If class goes ahead but you choose not to attend, no credit will be issued. 
For the Active Tots classes we are aware it's less easy to manage in incelment weather and we will take that into account when assessing weather. We are less likely to run Tots classes in the rain. 
Cancellation notices will go directly to parents via whatsap.

-Active Tots: If you are not able to attend your class, you may send a friend or sibling (of appropriate age) in your spot.  No refunds, credits or make up classes are offered for missed classes.  
If cancelled by Kidmando, a credit will be issued to be used for the following month.
-Kidmando 2yr+: No refunds, credits or make up classes are offered for missed classes. 
If cancelled by Kidmando, a credit will be issued to be used for the following month.

-It is the parent’s responsibility to communicate any and all injuries, physical limitations or special needs of participating children prior to session registration.

Main trainers are certified in Child First Aid and should an accident occur, the utmost care will be taken, however it will be the parent/guardians responsibility to seek professional care (ambulance / doctor) should it be required. 

Social Media and use of likeness /images 
We like to caputre pictures and sometimes short videos of the kids in action. If you do not wish any of your childs images to be used by Kidmando for the purpose of advertising and promotion, please inform us in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with Attn:Privacy Policy. 

COVID 19 Restricitons
Parents and helpers are responsible for manageing their own safe distancing and adherance to COVID regularions. Masks should be worn by adults at all times. Children under the age of 6 are not required to wear masks.