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Welcome to Kidmando, thank you for your interest in our active community and classes. To find out more information, please register your details below plus help us understand what you're looking for to benefit your kids. This information is not shared with third parties and is only used to make the process easier as we move forward. We will then follow up as soon as we can, during busier periods, please allow a few days. You will only be allowed to book in for classes and camps once your registration is approved and the relevant waivers are understood and accepted.
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Terms Whilst we try and maintain an informal and fun personality for Kidmando, it's important for the safety of all the children and for clarity of responsibility that you read through the Terms below to best understand our services, the terms and conditions, expectations of guardians and policies we have in place. Attendance -We require pre-registration for each class to ensure we can plan for adequate numbers and to inform you should there be any last minute changes to schedule or location of the class. -An able bodied parent or guardian must accompany children to each class. -Children should wear appropriate attire to the session. We recommend sport shoes and light clothes and trainers. -Though we aim to keep as shaded as possible, hats are also recommended as well as bug repellent. -Please make sure you bring lots of water to class as well. It’s hot work being active! Cancellation -If you are not able to attend a class you have registered for, please inform Eve with as much notice as you are able. If less than 24hrs before class time, we will attempt to find a replacement for your booking. If we can fill your spot, you will not be charged. If no filler can be found, the session will be charged. -No shows will be deducted. -Classes will automatically be cancelled where PSI figures are above 100 (unhealthy category). -In the case of moderate to heavy rain we will inform you 1 hour prior to class if a session will be cancelled via SMS or email and will post updates on our Facebook page. Packages -Packages can be paid in cash in person or via: Paylah, Paynow or bank transfer. -Package sessions must be used within 3 months of purchase. -Packages are non refundable and non transferable Limitations -It is the parent’s responsibility to communicate any and all injuries, physical limitations or special needs of participating children prior to session registration. Emergency Main trainers are certified in Child First Aid and should an accident occur, the utmost care will be taken, however it will be the parent/guardians responsibility to seek professional care (ambulance / doctor) should it be required.
As part of us gathering your details, you must add details of your child in the next section, the addition of second or third applications are optional.