Fundamental Movement Skills Classes


Fundamental Movement Skills are the building blocks for success in any and all physical activity!

Before we can read, we must first learn the alphabet. FMS are the ABC's of an active, healthy body and sooner a child has exposure to them the sooner the world around them becomes their playground. The best playground around is the one outside your doorstep. In the outdoors, parks and green spaces all around us. Kidmando focusses on outdoor play, where kids can benefit from nature and being outside while they develop and have fun!

Throwing, catching, kicking, balancing, jumping, crawling and good old fashioned running around fun! Our classes encourage learning through play.

Our 'Active Tots classes cater for toddlers that have just started walking up until 2 years old. Engaging them with colors, sounds, textures while they explore how their bodies work as they grow. 

The 'Kidmando' classes are also split into two general age groups of 2-3 year old and 4-6 year olds however we do not limit the class specifically by age but more so on capability and best fit for the needs of the child and that of the rest of the group.

3yrs and under are mainly focused on active play and introducing the key points of fundamental skills.

4yrs and above we work on honing in some of these skills and working to master them while keeping the energy and effort level higher in our running around games.