Kidmando is a well-established provider of Fundamental Movement Skill training for preschoolers in Singapore with over 1,200 kids having gone through our training sessions over the last two years and a regular active attendance of over 400 kids across various sessions across the island.

Along with our regular daily schedule of public classes, we have also run weekly sessions for various child care center as well as large scale special events, sports days, summer camps and fairs. We help preschool kids develop their Fundamental Movement Skills, the building blocks for success across all physical activity. Kids who are physically literate have the confidence to use those skills to participate in all manner of sports and physical activities.

All our staff have experience in and have received training in working with preschool aged children and Coaching Fundamental Movement Skills. Coaches are Child first-Aid trained and have undergone Coach training and FMS training with Sports Singapore.

We can offer a variety of flexible services, from scheduled weekly classes to one off special events or Sports Days. With flexible scheduling to work around your center’s needs. For more information, please contact us anytime!