Q: What is a typical class structure?

We like to start with a welcome and quick warm up game to get everyone’s blood flowing!
Then we will work on some of our Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS). For our younger kids we’ll focus on one or two components at a time, eventually combining them into a full FMS Course. For the older kids we’ll get them to go through different FMS and Obstacle courses.
Then after a little water break we’ll do some fun group or team games with lots of running/chasing. 
Lastly we do some activity with a parachute and sing a song or two before wrapping up. 
We gather at the end to go review some things each child had done well that session and they get a sticker or stamp. Regular attendees recieve a progress chart of key areas which is reviewed and a sticker is added in which area that child did well at that day. 
We would like to keep the general structure of the class consistent for the kids, but make it exciting and interesting with different games and activities too.