Pricing & Payment

REGISTRATION IS FREE!  We will just need some information from you to help us get started and be better prepared for your child.   Please use the registration button on this website to sign up.

Pricing for our classes are payable in advance of the respective term or month and the payable amount will be shown against each course on our website, class terms are subject to availability.

Only make a payment once you have secured a place on the class or agreed with our administration team to make payment.



Full term pricings:    
Varies from 8-10 week terms $22 per class x weeks ($220/$176)
Trial Class: $15 -Subject to prior arrangement
Single per class fee:  $30 -Subject to availability
Starting after start of term   -Fees are prorated 



 ACTIVE TOTS CLASS (12-24 Months)

Monthly plans:    
4-5 weeks $18 per class x weeks  ($90 / $72)
Trial class:  $15 -Subject to prior arrangement
Single per class fee:  $25  -Subject to availability 


Ask us about our Sibling Discount! 


Kidmando currently accepts many forms of payment method as per below, for all payments, you will receive a receipt of payment.  We do not accept cash payments.


You can make PayLah
payments to:



Payments using PayNow by referencing:



Bank Transfers




Please email once you've sent a payment and put your childs name in the reference field for easier tracking.


Conditions of purchasing block class packages can be seen in our Terms of Service.

Please note:

Package purchased prior to May 2021 will have expired. 
Expired credit is non refundable and non transferable.