FULL Kidmando(2-5) @ Botanic Gardens(Fri)

FULL   Kidmando(2-5) @ Botanic Gardens(Fri)

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 Program Overview 

This program is for 10 classes* that are best suited for kids aged between 2 -3 years old, we suggest this program for any children that have completed a trial or previously joined Kidmando classes.

*There will be an additional make up class added should one or more classes get cancelled due to bad weather.

Each of our 45 minute classes will engage kids with some fun challenging activities to refine Fundamental Movement Skills.  After a quick warm up, the kids will get to enjoy an obstacle course followed by several skill activities and games based around specific skillsets.

Over the classes, we organise each class plan to have focus to help develop such skills as:

  • Throwing
  • Catching
  • Kicking
  • Balancing
  • Jumping
  • Crawling
  • Running

We also try to include current themes to keep the classes more interesting and educational whether that's the involvement of colours, animals, or cultural holidays through out the year.


 Class Information 

**2021 ACTIVE COVID MEASURES**  During class, children are not required to wear masks however we will be encouraging kids not to share equipment as much as possible and to keep safe distance.   Parents and caregivers must remain at a distance from the active class, so it's best if children can do the majority of class without hands on help from a parent. It's important for kids to have space to try skills and run around unhindered while learning some independence too. Coaches are there to help and guide them along too.

Kids should wear clothes that are easy to move around in and functional footwear or bare feet is fine too.  Kidmando branded sports shirts are available here.


 What to bring to classes 

water bottle Sun Cream Towel Bug Spray

We recommend to provide your kids with a water bottle, sun cream, towel and bug spray. 


 Trial Class 

We strongly advise that before signing up to a program, you take a trial class which are held for newcomers on a regular basis so that parents can see if the format and structure of our classes are a good fit for their children. 

Please complete the Trial Request Form to get further information on trial classes that are coming up if you're new to Kidmando.


 How to register 

In order to book your children onto our courses you need to register through our website that collects the necessary contact information.  Once registered, you will be able to log into our website and book onto any of our course that relevant to your kids.


 How to pay 

Kidmando currently accepts many forms of payment method as per below, for all payments, you will receive a receipt of payment.    You will need to make payment for the course within 3 days of registering for the class in order to keep your places, otherwise we will need to release them.


Bank Transfers to:  Kidmando:  003-940392-5

PayLah payments to:  98532070

PayNow by referencing:  53336749BKID


Please put your child's full name in the reference field for easier tracking and let us know via email once you've made a payment.


 Bad Weather and class cancellations 

We are always happy to run the class in the rain, as long as the kids are keen and it’s safe to do so (not a total wash out and no thunder/lightning etc).


Further useful information can be found on our FAQ page.


 Class Schedule 

Class Date Ending Full Term Fee Capacity Registered Register
09-07-2021 4:00 pm 09-09-2021 4:45 pm $220.00 8 8

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