Phase Three Measures

We are happy that Singpore has reached Phase 3

Not alot of the precautions we have had to take since coming out of circuit breaker will change, but happy we'll be able to increase our class numbers slightly so more kids can enjoy some fun outside with us!

What will phase 3 classes look like?

  • Regulations state that groups shoul not exceed 8 people (with allowance for an instructor or coach). 
  • Advanced booking will be mandatory. One booking is for 1 child. If you have multiple children to book into one class, please check with admin. 
  • Any cancellations must be done 24hr in advance. Any late cancellation or no shows will be charged / deducted from your package. 
  • Please arrive 5 or 10 min early to class, especially your first class. If you arrive late, Coach may not be able to check you in for your child to join class on time. 
  • Upon arrival at class, kids will need to have temperature checked and hands sanitized. Adults will need to scan QR code and sign in. *be sure helpers are prepared to scan and sign in as well.
  • For kids in 2+ classes, adults will not be able to join in class, only assist when absolutely necessary, keeping distance from any other students. Adults should wait at least 3m from class. If child is under 4yrs old, please ensure you are in eye-sight during class. 
  • Kids will have lots of space and coaches will do their best to instill good social distancing. Limited equipment sharing. 
  • As we are an active class, kids will not be required to wear face masks during class time but will need to wear them before and after. Adults, please hold childs mask.
  • Class structure. Our class structure will be a little different as we try to ensure kids keep safe distance and try not to share equipment and to keep social distance.

Other policies to note:

  • Any packages purchased before Circuit Breaker (CB) can be used at any Kidmando class and are valid until the end of the 2020 Class Calendar. 
  • Packages purchaed in 2021 are valid for 3 months
  • Advanced booking is mandatory. Any cancellation must be done 24hours before class. Any failure to attend will result in deducted class from packages. 
  • Trial classes need to be booked in advance and cost $15. 
  • Keepin it clean! Kidmando will be cleaning all equipment regularly and sanitizing high touch equipment between classes. 

We have been having lots of glorious rain lately! If class is cancelled due to rain (min of 1hr before class time) class will not be charged or deducted. Trial classes will be rescheduled for the next available day. You will recieve a whatsapp/SMS notice if class is cancelled due to bad weather. Please also follow our facebook page for updates. 


Of you have any questions or concerns regarding resuming classes, Please don't hesitate to contact Coach Eve anytime: 98532070 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.