"My 5 year old son Maddox looks forward to Kidmando class every Saturday. The classes are both structured and fun. I find the structure helps guide and progress the kids' motor skills. At the same time, it is also fun as we are dealing with kids around 3-6 years old. They do deserve to have some fun after all!

I appreciate that Coach Eve is experienced but is also a mom of three. She approaches and manages the kids according to the varying personalities, as a mom would if you have more than one kid. From what I can see, the kids are very comfortable around her!"

-Aivonne, mum to Maddox


"Our 2.5 year old has been attending the awesome classes with Eve at Kidmando since August, Monday is his favourite day he wakes up asking for 'sports class'.

He has learnt so much from his classes with Eve; he knows his colours now, is learning to play gently and wait turns and to help his friends even his coordination is improved. He is having so much fun while learning new skills. 

Coach Eve is amazing with the kids, encourages them and supports them when they need it but allows them some freedom to learn on their own.

Thank you Eve for this amazing class."

-Natarsha, mum to Zane