Class T-shirts


We offer a nice Dri Fit T-shirt with sublimation printed logos and option for kids name to be printed.

Our shirts were selected after researching to find a good quality shirt that was cooling to wear.




 There are two sizes, the 'Small' size for the 4-6 year old kids:


The 'Extra-Small' size for 2-3 years and some of the older ones in our active babies group.


To make the shirt extra special, you can have your child's name or nickname printed on the front of the shirt, ideally this should be less than 9 characters to avoid the name being too small or squashed on the shirt.


You can order your shirt from using our Paypal store which also accepts credit cards if you do not have a PayPal account.  Please remember to add your chosen name and colour if purchasing a customised name shirt.


Once ordered, the shirt will be passed over at the Kidmando class once it's ready.   Generally, shirts are available immediately but can take a few days for name printing.


Shirt Selection
Colour for Name
Name to be printed: