Q: Do I need to purchase the Kidmando T-Shirt

Purchasing the Kidmando T-shirts are not mandatory, however we do recommend it.   The T-shirts allow for the kids to remain fairly cool during the class and offer a team bond with all kids wearing the same T-shirt, the T-shirts can also have your childs name printed to make it special to them. 

Q: What is KIDMANDO?

Kidmando is an outdoor exercise and game session for kids ranging in age from 2-6 years old. Our goal is to provide a fun environment for kids to play, have fun, meet new friends all while developing their core motor skills. 

Q: What do the kids DO at a Kidmando session?

We use obstacle courses, running and chasing games, throwing, catching, parachutes; anything to get our energy out and have fun!  Classes have a basic framework of: warm up, obstacle course, fast paced game(s), skill focused activity, another fast paced activity and generally ending with some parachute play. 

Q: What is a typical class structure?

We like to start with a welcome and quick warm up game to get everyone’s blood flowing!
Then we will work on some of our Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS). For our younger kids we’ll focus on one or two components at a time, eventually combining them into a full FMS Course. For the older kids we’ll get them to go through different FMS and Obstacle courses.
Then after a little water break we’ll do some fun group or team games with lots of running/chasing. 
Lastly we do some activity with a parachute and sing a song or two before wrapping up. 
We gather at the end to go review some things each child had done well that session and they get a sticker or stamp. Regular attendees recieve a progress chart of key areas which is reviewed and a sticker is added in which area that child did well at that day. 
We would like to keep the general structure of the class consistent for the kids, but make it exciting and interesting with different games and activities too.  

Q: Why Kidmando?

Kidmando is unique. We don’t focus on one particular sport or activity but use many structured, inclusive, activities to help children develop their gross motor skills. Through fun and engaging games we encourage kids to enjoy being outside, get some exercise, make some friends and have some fun.

Q: How does Kidmando benefit my child?

We focus on developing children’s Fundamental Movement Skills. Fundamental movement skills are very important in the physical development of a child. When a child is confident and competent with these skills, they can develop sport-specific and complex movement skills that allow them to enjoy sport and physical activity. Most importantly, having a firm grasp of the fundamental movement skills and being physically literate leads a child to enjoy a long life of physical activity.  Plus, everyone benefits from fresh air, exercise, fun and engaging with peers.

Q: What are Fundamental Movement Skills?

Fundamental Movement Skills are skills that form the basis of all physical activities and sports. There are 12 Fundamental Movement Skills which are divided into three subgroups; objective control skills, locomotor skills and Balance Skills.

Object Control Skills involve the control of an object through use of body movement. Examples include catching, kicking, overhead throw, striking, bouncing and underarm roll.

Locomotor Skills are those which allow progression from one location or position to another through body movements.  Examples include running, leaping, hopping, sliding, galloping and jumping.

Balance Skills is the controlled balance of the body.  Examples include balance beam walking, yoga and stretching, hopping, standing on one leg.

We also encourage and consider Awareness Skills at Kidmando that include listening, working with and respecting others and spacial awareness.

Q: Do I need to reserve or book ahead space for my child?

We require all parents to book a place at every class in advance and availability to book is open up until the start of the class.   There are up to 15 places available in all our classes, for the larger classes Kidmando will ideally have an assistant to help which is why we would like to understand how many kids will be intending to attend each class.

Q: How do I book a class?

For all our registered parents , you will need to  and book a place for this class using the link below on this page.  We can accommodate 15 kids per class as capacity.

If you are not yet registered as a parent, help us to understand your requirements and planned attendance by completing  

First sessions are free to attend to try out and see what you think. Please complete this  form ahead of the class you would like to attend.

Thereafter, we offer attractive packages for future sessions: $25 per class per child otherwise.

Q: What is the duration of a class?

Each class runs for 30-45 minutes. We often take a cue from the kids. If it’s a particularly hot day or kids don’t have a lot of energy we will keep class time closer to 30min. Also if kids are very engaged and have lots of energy to burn, we are happy to run a long session.  We do take several small water breaks too in between games. It’s important for kids to catch their breath and in the hot weather hydration is important.

Q: Do parents need to participate in the class?

We do require a parent or guardian to be present for the duration of the class. With the younger age groups some parent participation might be required depending on your child. Part of the goal of our class is to build up your child’s confidence so they can learn and play and interact on their own... of course it’s always fun to have mummy and daddy join in too.

Q: Do you do birthday parties and children’s events?

Yes, contact us for details on how Kidmando can help to make your child’s party an event to be remembered! We can utilize any open / green spaces in your neighborhood, condo or home garden.

Kidmando has a team of coaches and we can cater for small or large events that suit your requirements.

Q: What do I need to bring to each class?

Children should wear footwear suitable for running and sports as well as appropriate clothes. A full water bottle is a must and as we are running, crawling, jumping, rolling around in grassy areas, we suggest using some mosquito bite prevention too.

Q: What if it rains?

We are always happy to run the class in the rain, as long as the kids are keen and it’s safe to do so (not a total wash out and no thunder/lightning etc).   There are no fees charged if the class hasn't lasted more than 10 minutes, after 10 minutes a full class fee applies.

Q: Cancellations

If a class is cancelled, a class fee will not be deducted from your package.

One reason we request booking ahead for every class is that in case there is a cancellation we can send details to attendees either by SMS or email.